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We're obsessed with information. All the details. Big and small. So we've created new ways for you to visualize real estate from your desktop. Whether you are searching for a home, or just want to understand how a neighborhood came to be, Trulia Labs will open your eyes to a whole new way of looking at real estate. Plus, it's fun and a great way to kill some time.

See new and exciting ways to visualize your home search!

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Dream big with Trulia Snapshot and flip through the pages of our online glossy. Scroll through the most expensive homes in your neighborhood and browse photographs, all at your leisure. Press play, sit back and wait for your dream home to find you.

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Try Trulia Hindsight

See how housing booms developed, peaked and faltered over time. Search for cities, neighborhoods, or even streets and then watch as properties appear on the map in the year they were built. Careful though, you may spend hours cruising around the country.

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Trulia Searchpaths

Visualize where people are searching for real estate online. Every dot on the map is a search on across the US and each line denotes the likelihood that consumers who search here are also likely to search there. Like Amazon Recommends for real estate.

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Projects made in collaboration with Stamen Design.

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