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By Marissa Jeffrey | Real Estate Pro in Orlando, FL

The Pros and Cons of Moving During the Winter

So you've found out that you need to move. Now, you have to start planning for the event itself. While there are a ton of things to consider and questions that need definitive answers before you can consider your move a success, it is imperative that you start at the beginning. For most people, the first step in the relocation process is finding the answer to a very simple question; when do I move?

While not everyone has the chance to choose what time of year they move during, if you do have this choice, it is important to consider a few important things, which can often lead to the conclusion that moving during the wintertime is the best time to tackle this event. Relocating in the cold winter months does have some distinct advantages, which is why some people specifically choose this time of year for their move, but it also has a few downfalls as well. Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of moving during the wintertime.

Why People Move in the Winter

Just why is it that so many people are choosing the winter season as the time of year for them to move? There are a number of very good reasons, including the following:

  • Moving companies can easily accommodate any dates, as this is their off-season and they are usually far from booked, unlike the summer and spring months.
  • The workers employed by the movers in the winter are generally the more experienced workers. During the summer and spring, because of the high demand for moving services, some companies hire students or inexperienced workers. By moving in the wintertime, you avoid this.
  • Prices are much lower in the winter months because the moving companies are not getting much work. This is their low season, and their moving quotes reflect this.

But What Challenges Do You Face?

At the same time, while there are plenty of benefits to reap from the choice you've made to move in the winter months, there are also some drawbacks. Be sure to consider the following before you make your choice of when to move you and your family.

  • The weather can be quite harsh in the winter, especially if you are traveling in the northern part of the country. Blizzards can impede the moving schedule you've set up, and other problems can crop up as a result of freezing temperatures.
  • Cold temperatures can wreck havoc on some of your more sensitive belongings, including electronics, which will require extra special packaging.
  • The need to hire a great and well experienced mover is even more important when you consider the driving conditions they will face. Don't forget insurance, which can be more expensive for this reason.
  • You may need to shovel driveways, sidewalks, and do extra work before the movers arrive at your current home, and before they get to your new home as well. This means you should transport your shovel with you when you travel to your new place.

As you can see, there are a number of upsides and a number of downsides to moving during the winter. Some experts say that you can get the best of both worlds by trying to move towards the end of the season, or even early (or late autumn), but the ultimate choice will depend on your unique situation. Be sure that you consider all of your options so that you can have a safe and successful moving experience regardless of when you decide to make it all happen.






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