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Easy Moving and Relocation

Taking the Stress Out of a Move

By Marissa Jeffrey | Real Estate Pro in Orlando, FL

Important Things to Include in Your Moving Budget

If there is one thing about moving that everyone will be quick to tell you, it is that it costs a lot of money. Between paying for the movers, dealing with deposits, and buying supplies, you will be shelling out hundreds, if not thousands of dollars before it is all said and done. Because of the huge financial impact of a move, it is important that you create a moving budget early on in the process. Doing so will not only help you save money in the long run, but it will help you meet the financial needs of moving without having to suffer in other areas of your life. Here are some of the most important things to include in your moving budget.

Moving Services

The services you hire to get you and your household goods moved from your current home to your new home will cost more than any other aspect of the move. As such, you should thoroughly research and find a great mover, who will give you binding moving quotes, so that you can put a definitive amount down on your budget sheet and so that you know what funds to set aside for the movers. Don't forget to figure in an extra ten percent for the movers costs, as well as the tip you would pay for great service, even if you ultimately only tip part of this.


The next largest thing that you'll need to include in your moving budget is the deposits you're going to have to pay to have your utilities turned on at your new home. Deposits can vary depending on the utility, your credit, and where you're moving to, so call ahead and get solid numbers so that you can be prepared. Don't forget to include the deposit for your new rental, if you are going to be renting, as well.


Moving is going to require that you have certain supplies on hand. You'll need boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, padding, packing tape, and labels, as well as other specialty supplies such as cell kits and more. Sit down and consider just how many boxes you will need for your home using an online calculator and add the cost of these supplies into the budget.


How do you plan on getting to your new home after the movers have taken your things from your house and are on their way to your new home? If you are flying, include the cost of the tickets and any rental vehicles or other incidentals that you will require in your budget workup. If you are driving, consider the cost of fuel, food, lodging, and incidentals along the way. Be sure that you have an emergency fund worked out as well, just in case the need arises along the way.

Moving In

Finally, it's a good idea to have some money set aside for use by you and your family when you get to your new home. Chances are you're going to need curtains, rods, ice trays, nails, or something else that you didn't think about before. Having the funds readily available can make settling into your new home easier and faster, regardless of where you moved from or how much you are moving into the new place.

Remember, creating a moving budget is a very important part of the relocation process. Keeping this on hand will ensure that your finances are in order throughout the move, which can serve dual purposes; not only will you reduce the stress you'll be under as a result of the move itself, but you'll also be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything will get paid without having to stretch every dollar quite so thin.

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