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Easy Moving and Relocation

Taking the Stress Out of a Move

By Marissa Jeffrey | Real Estate Pro in Orlando, FL

New House, New Year, New You!

If you've recently moved, then you are one of the many who will be facing this new year in a new place. For some people, this means stepping into a new, or at least different, way of life than they were used to. This is a huge change, especially if there is a family involved, but it doesn't have to be a time of upheaval that leaves you without anything great to show for it. In fact, if you plan ahead carefully, this new year can be everything you want it to be and more!

Breaking, or Making, Habits

When the new year approaches, many people come up with resolutions that define parts of their life that they want to change. If you find yourself moving to a new home, this is a unique moment for you. In moving, you've thrown everything you know into the air and are now faced with the need to redefine routine. That, in and of itself, will help you change some of the more stubborn habits you face. Since your day to day life is at least somewhat different, you can use that change and momentum to make more drastic changes in your life. For example, as soon as you're settled and you are working out just what your new routine will consist of, consider cutting smoking from that routine, or consider starting a new diet that will help you reach those personal goals that you might have.

Making a House into a Home

Of course, personal changes aren't the only thing that you'll want to think about during this time of transition. There is no better time to realize any changes you need to make to your living space than right after you've moved in. This is a time when many ideas flow, and though you might not have the time and energy to address them all right now, be sure that you write things down and keep a running list. As you settle, this list will serve as the list of changes to make over time. With the new year just appearing on the horizon, set goals for the items on this list and stick to your schedule so that when the next new year comes, you can say you've accomplished something. Some examples of this include window treatments, painting rooms and trim, fencing in the yard, or making improvements or renovations.

Creating the Magic

While nothing happens suddenly and without work, moving to a new home can be the perfect time to really put both your personal goals, and the wants you wish in your home, at the forefront of your mind and routine. Though some would argue that the chaos of a move will only stress you out more if you try to make additional changes, experts agree that it is easier to remove or change habits, and set your life on a new course personally and physically, during a moment of forced change. Keep this in mind as moving day approaches and plan out how you will go after the goals and whims that you have.



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