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Taking the Stress Out of a Move

By Marissa Jeffrey | Real Estate Pro in Orlando, FL

Making Your Move Merry and Bright: How to Relocate During the Holiday Season

No matter what holiday you choose to celebrate, it can be more difficult to relocate to a new home during this time of year than any other time of the year. When you have a family, this trouble becomes even bigger on an exponential level, but sometimes you just don't have a choice. If you find yourself facing the need to move over the holiday season, be sure that you keep a few simple tips in mind so that you can enjoy this time of the year and successfully move into your new home at the same time.

·         Prep for the Holiday - Perhaps the most important thing to do when you have to move and you are doing so over the holidays involves gathering what you need for the season first. If you get everything together and put it in its own place, you won't risk packing the presents, wrapping paper, decorations, or other holiday needs where you won't be able to find them until after the season is over.

·         Get Moving Help - Regardless of where you might be moving to, make sure that you give yourself a break by hiring a great interstate moving company. If you can hand over much of the work to a company who will handle it for you, you can spend more time enjoying the company of friends and family, and have more time and energy for the holiday rather than the move.

·         Prepare for a Delay - Delays occur more frequently when you are trying to orchestrate a move during the holidays. Remember that most service providers, including electric companies, appliance movers, moving companies themselves, and other businesses will have their own holiday hours that you will have to work around to get what you need during relocation. Plan ahead and build extra time into the schedule to account for these issues.

·         Getting Out - It's a great idea to get out of the house during the holidays, regardless of if it is your new home, or your old home. Consider taking the family to go light-watching, play in the snow, or participate in one of the many holiday activities that your city or town might be hosting. This will help you get your mind off of the stress of moving and more into the holiday spirit.

·         Go Easy on Yourself - Moving to a new home is a difficult thing to do, which is why you need to go easy on yourself. This is especially true during the holidays, when you're going to be facing feasts that will derail your diet, and events that might bite into your budget. Don't be afraid to let the rules become a bit less strict and you'll find that your stress levels decrease despite the chaos surrounding you.

As you can see, moving to a new home is not always as simple as you might like it to be. During this time of year, completing relocation can be more difficult that you can imagine. Thankfully, though, you can heed this advice from the moving experts and get the best of both worlds; a successful move and the joy of the holidays all at the same time.




By Tammy Maddrey,  Fri Dec 21 2012, 09:52
Great article Marissa! People who move during the holidays can look forward to a fresh start of the new year in a new home!

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