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By Marissa Jeffrey | Real Estate Pro in Orlando, FL

Three Ways to Protect the Floors in Your Home on Moving Day

Moving day is, perhaps, the most hectic day associated with relocating to your new home. If you've hired MovingCompanies.us to find a mover to get your things to your new place, then you can expect men with heavy (and dirty!) work boots to be traveling through your home to every single room. That means you're subjecting your floors and carpets with anything they may be tracking in, and if you've already taken the time to clean your home, or have your carpets done, this can certainly make you cringe.

Beyond this, moving furniture and other items through your home can sometimes leave stains and marks as things are pulled along, knocked over, or just set down where they really don't belong. And since you can't possibly be everywhere at once to prevent every accident, your floors are the ones to take the brunt of it all. But it doesn't have to be like this! Protecting the floors in your old (and new) home is something that is not only possible, but done quite often. Here are three simple ways that you can prepare for moving day by protecting the floors in your home.

Carpet Film

Many moving stores sell a special film that is mildly sticky on one side. This film can be easily put down on carpeting throughout the home without causing lasting damage and without being difficult to handle. Because of its sticky side, however, this film easily stays in place for the duration of moving day. It won't protect harder flooring against gouges and scrapes, but it will protect your carpeted areas against dirt and mud, as well as anything that might get spilled during the relocation process.

A Layer of Cardboard

Another common method of protecting your flooring, particularly if you are worried about scratches and gouges in hardwood or tile flooring, involves placing a layer of cardboard down before the movers arrive. You can easily use some of your leftover boxes, cut them open and lay them  end to end on the floor. Use packing tape to connect them so that there are no gaps and so that they stay together when they are walked on. You can use this to protect carpet as well.

Painter's Prep

A third common method of protecting flooring on moving day is to simply prepare the floors like you would if you were going to be painting the walls. Painter's dropcloths, which are made of fairly thick plastic, can be spread across the floor in a hurry and taped in place without the need to be as exact as you would have to be with carpet film. Similar to the film approach, however, this plastic will protect against spills and dirt that the movers may track into the home.

Regardless of which method or methods you use, it is important to consider protecting your carpet, and your home, on moving day. While the movers you've hired are undoubtedly professionals, it's always better to err on the side of caution and keep yourself covered no matter what.



By Mark Acantilado,  Tue Nov 20 2012, 02:05
When moving, i first clean the new place we will be moving to - making sure that it will only be about the designation of stuffs that I will have to compromise in the day of moving.

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