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Easy Moving and Relocation

Taking the Stress Out of a Move

By Marissa Jeffrey | Real Estate Pro in Orlando, FL

Five Easy Ways to Save Money When Moving

So you've found your new home; now you need to pack up all of your things and move. Many people consider this to be the hardest part of the transition to a new home, as well as being quite expensive, but it doesn't always have to be. There are some easy ways that you can save time, effort, and most importantly, money, when you are relocating to that new house using moving companies by following these five simple tips.

1. Reuse Boxes

If there is one thing you don't need to pay for when you are moving, it is the boxes that you use to pack up all of your things. There are plenty of retailers out there willing to give away boxes, and there are people in your local area who have undoubtedly just moved, so look around and save hundreds of dollars just by using boxes that have already been used.

2. Have a Sale

You've probably collected quite a bit over the years, which means that you have a lot of stuff to move to your new home. As you prepare for moving day, however, if you go through this stuff and weed out the things you don't use, you can have a quick garage sale before the big day. Not only will you save money because your shipment will weigh less, but you'll make money in the process.

3. Consider the Post Office

As mentioned before, movers often charge based on the weight of your shipment. Sometimes you can stand to save quite a bit of money if you choose to send your heaviest items, such as boxes of books, to your new home via options like the USPS's Media Mail rather than letting the movers take these things for you.

4. Move Off Season

One of the best ways to save money involves hiring moving companies to relocate your things during their off season. When you choose to move off season, you not only get the benefit of not having to worry about when the movers will be available, but you'll be able to get the discounted rates that are associated with winter, late fall, and early spring. The price difference is something you'll easily see when you get quotes from moving companies for these times of the year.

5. Get Organized

The best way to save money when moving is to get organized early on in the process, and stay that way throughout. Don't rush to get things done and don't lose important paperwork. Being organized means that you will always know what you owe, what you are shipping, and what your rights and responsibilities are and will be throughout your move, giving you an edge when little problems crop up.



By Sarah,  Sun Nov 4 2012, 15:06
Moving off season is the best money saver. Not only can you get discounted rates from moving companies but you can usually get a great deal on a property.

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