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Easy Moving and Relocation

Taking the Stress Out of a Move

By Marissa Jeffrey | Real Estate Pro in Orlando, FL

Five Easy Ways to Get Your Family Excited About Your New Home

Moving can be one of the more stressful events in your life, especially if you have a family or children who you are moving with. Change, like the drastic change associated with this prospect, can create tension and stress because of all of the aspects associated with living somewhere new. This stress and tension can often lead to problems as the move progresses and moving day gets closer. That's why you should take some time to really get your family excited about the prospect of the coming change. In such excitement, dread can often fade, making everything much simpler to handle. Here are five things from the experts at movingcompanies.us, that you can do to get your family, especially the kids, excited about your new home.

1. Plan a Visit: Even if your new home is pretty far away, try to plan a visit so that your family is somewhat familiar with the location where you are moving to before you actually move there. This can greatly reduce the stress associated with a move and the impending change. If you are unable to visit, show pictures, maps, and see if there is information online about the home and the surrounding neighborhood.

2. Plan for Decor: What better way is there to get excited about a new home than to be able to decorate just the way you want to. This works especially well with kids; giving them the power over how their new room is organized and what color it is painted  can greatly increase how much they are looking forward to the move and the new home.

3. Look Up Amenities: Sure, every home comes with some pretty cool new amenities or aspects, but don't confine yourself just to the home. Make sure that you look around the home as well to see what is located in your new neighborhood and make loose plans to visit a nearby  zoo, theme park, beach, park, or other exciting location.

4. Plan a Party: Consider planning a neighborhood party, or simply a getting to know you get-together when you are unpacked and somewhat settled into your new home. Allow each member of the family to share their input and have a say in what kinds of things or activities should be part of the party. You might also want to consider having a going away party as well, since closure can help any member of the family look forward and not back.

5. Make Moving an Adventure: If all else fails, consider turning moving day itself into a vacation or adventure. Take a look along the route you will be taking to your new home and find a tourist attraction or theme park along the way. Purchase tickets and budget an extra day of travel to make this an event that everyone will really look forward to.

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