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By Michael Corbett | Real Estate Pro in Los Angeles, CA

After Hurricane Sandy: Now What?

For all of you out there affected by Hurricane Sandy, myself and everyone at Trulia want to send our very best thoughts and wishes to your and your family. Personally, I am from New Jersey and many of my family members are still suffering without power and heat.  If your home experienced damage as a result of the storm, you're probably reeling and also dealing with a deluge of information on the best next steps to take. 

I have read all of the articles coming out in the media this week and I can tell you that the sheer amount of information and misinformation out there is truly daunting. With that in mind, I wanted to share the 5 best articles out there now about what to do in the days, weeks and months that follow Hurricane Sandy.

  1. FEMA: Disaster Survivor Assistance - The official Federal Emergency Management Agency's site can help answer some FAQs about how to obtain assistance. They walk you through what to expect before and after you apply. 
  2. Suze Orman: After the Storm: What Now? - Suze breaks down insurance coverage for your home and car and discusses what's covered and what's not. 
  3. Wall Street Journal: Suffered Damage in Hurricane Sandy? What to Do Now - From where to stay to how to apply for FEMA assistance, this article covers a broad range of topics.
  4. Phildelphia Inquirer: Sandy Leaves Behind a Deluge of Repair Needs - An easy-to-understand explaination of who is responsible for what in various scenarios.
  5. TechNewsDaily: How to Avoid Hurricane Sandy Scams - All disasters bring out the best and the worst in people. Know what to look out for and avoid all kinds of scammers. 

I want to stress the last point about avoiding scammers. Be wary of being taken advantage of in these troubling times. Don't be fooled and don't give unnecessary information or money to people until you can verify their authenticity and ability to help you pick up the pieces. There are so many heroes and good Samaritans helping one another right now, however, there are a few out there who will try to take advantage of other people in the midst of the crisis. Don't be a victim twice. 


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By Mark Acantilado,  Wed Nov 7 2012, 05:32
Thanks for this resource, Michael. My relatives were hit by hurricane Sandy and was asking for assistance. This one is a good resource for me to read and share to them. Thanks.

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