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By Hank Miller BrokerAppraiser | Broker in Alpharetta, GA

It's a Fact - Good Looking Agents Sell More Homes

I was way ahead of the hotness curve on this one. Back in 2/11 we revealed studies that indicated that Good Looking Agents Sell More Homes and now the industry is playing catch up. I was moved by the article titled " I Wasn't Going To Buy This House Until I Saw The Realtor's Headshot On The Sign" and after reviewing that, I knew this was a topic that we had to comment upon.

And now the rest of the pack finally gets wise to what we already know....as reported by Business Insider:

A recent study in Applied Financial Economics explores the relationship between how beautiful an agent is and how quickly he/she sells a property and for what price.

Thankfully, the econ blog Big Think broke down the hellishly scholastic-sounding "Broker beauty and boon: a study of physical attractiveness and its effect on real estate brokers’ income and productivity” into comprehensible language, and turns out the research contains a few interesting quasi-facts.

Of course, the points below are either believable or guffaw-able, depending on, say, personal experience, price point, and geographic market. Have an opinion of your own? Leave it in the comments. Here goes:

1 Male agents (representing both buyer and seller) tend to rep houses with lower prices.

2 Beautiful agents tend to yield higher closing prices.

3 Good news for those trying to sell your home: "the effect on house prices of having an attractive listing agent is about twice as large as that of an attractive selling agent."

4 Just because your selling agent is attractive doesn't mean that your property will sell faster; in fact, it's quite the opposite. You might learn to be patient and soak up all that extra time spent in the presence of hotness.

5 In terms of commissions, pretty agents tend to sell at higher price points but sell fewer properties than their, ah, uglier colleagues.

Racial bonus round: "The study also finds that non-white listing agents are associated with lower final prices and both non-white listing agents and selling agents are associated with longer times on the market."

I'm deeply involved in researching other theories -

1. What goes up must come down

2. It's not what you know, it's who you know

3. It's a man's world

more as I know it...

Hank Miller
Associate Broker & Certified Appraiser
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By Annette Lawrence,  Thu Apr 19 2012, 05:14
How can we get the numbers on the 'recoil' effect? You know, the reaction to seeing 'hottie' in person and realizing time has not been kind.

Remember that old, old, old song, "Never make a pretty woman your wife....It's my personal point of view, Get an ugly girl to marry you!" ?

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