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By Frank Diaz MBA/RA 808.723.0900 | Agent in Honolulu, HI

2013 Military Housing Allowance (BAH) Rates in Hawaii

2013 Military BAH Rates in Hawaii

Military Housing Allowance (BAH) for Hawaii

If you’re thinking of buying OR selling a home anywhere in Hawaii (or the US), call me at 808.723.0900 or send an email by clicking here or to frank@hawaiihome.biz.  I moved 18 times while on active duty, so I know what a PCS move is!

 ** 2013 Military Basic Housing Allowance (BAH) for Hawaii (NOW Available) ** UPDATED 12/19/2012 (Click HERE for pdf version of 2013 BAH component breakdown for all locations) or use calculators below.

Below are the rates of tax-free housing allowance (Basic Allowance for Housing, or military BAH) that are provided to enlisted, warrant officer and officer military personnel (with or w/o dependents) who are authorized to reside off base State of HAWAII, for calendar year 2012 or 2013.

BAH Hawaii 2013 Calculator – Updated 12/19/12


Many military members have the choice to live on-base or off-base. So, which is better? There is no clear answer. It depends on many factors. Here is a link to the BAH DOD Housing Allowance Calculator for Hawaii

E-7 with DEPENDENTS: $2835.00
E-7 without DEPENDENTS: $2178.00

Try this calculator and see for yourself if buying makes sense (keeping the home for 12 years, use an appreciation rate of 6%, which means the price doubles every 12 years. That is historically true almost everywhere including Hawaii ):

For property taxes, it will be about $850 for a $300,000 home (with owner home exemption). I would use $5000 per year for maintenance costs, 2% for savings and 3% for inflation. “You would save over $100,000 (in today’s dollars) by buying a home, rather than renting, over the 12 year time frame you have entered.” Even when I raise the annual maintenance costs to $6000, or $7000, it still comes out higher.

If you want to live close to Tripler, choose Aiea, Salt Lake, Moanalua, Pearl City, Kalihi, Pali, Kakaako, Pauoa Valley, or Punchbowl, those are all within 5 miles. For other locations, call or email for information.

The years that you live in a home give you the biggest tax advantage. Also, if you live in it for 2 out of the previous 5 years, ALL of the gain is tax free. You may be eligible for additional state or federal tax credits as well. The 2 years DO NOT have to be continuous.

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