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By DAVID COOPER 1.888.616.6226 | Landlord in Las Vegas, NV

Get Into Rental Real Estate Investing with Little Risk. FREE eBook

David Cooper http://www.lasvegaswinner.org
     If you have never done anyinvesting in Real Estate Rental Houses  before, make up your mind that this will be the year. I know that it has been hard to get into real estate without a lot of risk in the last year.

      But I think that this year will provide some great opportunities as banks get real and the govt gives great incentive for buyers. So if you have been sitting on the sidelines afraid to act, take heart. Your time is coming. Please don't get discouraged. Take the time to get educated.

      However, don't suffer from a paralysis of analysis. You are never going to have all the facts. Make sure that you know what the house will sell for after repaired; know the fix up costs and MAKE OFFERS!!!! Remember, if you are not embarrassed making the offer, it's too high.

     Knowledge has never been more important. In a competative market, you have to set yourself aside from the many beginners. Many people are going to over pay thinking that if prices have dropped so much they don't need to get any discount from market value. Don't you be one of them. 


      If you have adjustable loans, GET RID OF THEM. Either fix and flip, or plan to hold for the next 5 years- at least. It may not be a bad idea if you are looking towards holding for retirement. Real estate
cycles go in about 7 year cycles. That means prices may go down more and then it will take years to come back up again. I remember seeing a chart of prices in LA in 1990 and then in 2000. A lot
of areas never even made it back to the 1990 levels until 2003. 


       Set a monetary goal for yourself. Then decide what you are trying to accomplish.Do you want immediate cash? Can you wait 3-6 mo.? Are you prepared to hold if you can't sell? Can you wait 2-3 years? How about a lease with an option? Are you looking to build a retirement fund? Once you have done that, then you are ready to break the total monetary goal into chunks: how many quick flips, how many rehabs, and how many to hold for long-term cash flow. 


       Make a plan that will set the steps to accomplish those goals. Write it down!! Where are you going to get the needed knowledge? Who do you have to talk to? What people do you need help from? 

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