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By Shannon Register | Agent in Spring, TX

Selling Your Home in the Houston Area? Get It Ready First!

Posted: 20 Sep 2012 05:17 PM PDT
Are you considering selling your home in the Houston area? If you want to put your home on the market (up for sale) you will first want to get it ready for the real estate market. Buyers are very picky. When you try to sell your home make it clean and organized. You want the buyers to feel that you keep the house so clean, you must maintain the things they can’t see – like changing filters, etc. If the house looks as if it needs any work, despite how little effort or money it requires, they are likely to cross it off their list of prospective homes.

This is a check list when you are ready to prepare your home to sell:
• Check ceilings for water damage
• Make beds
• Put away toys, shoes and clothes
• Put out a nice coffee table book
• Turn off TV
• Straighten rugs and empty trash cans
• Don’t leave food or dirty dishes out in the open
• Put away animal food when not in use
• Polish wood surfaces
• Have carpets steam cleaned
• Clean all glass – inside and outside
• De-clutter everywhere – including garage and attic spaces
• Clean out and organize closets
• Use vinegar to clean mineral deposits off the heating element of your dishwasher
• Clean oven, stove top and microwave
• Clean garage disposal by pushing ice cubes through it while running cold water, and follow it with a lemon
• Once a year, clean the coils on the back and underneath refrigerator with a vacuum cleaner
• Replace light bulbs with 75-watt bulbs to brighten the rooms of your house
• Clean out fireplace
• Open drapes and blinds and turn on all the lights prior to all showings
• Arrange furniture to provide large walkways and open spaces
• Repair/restore damaged furniture
• Put fresh cut flowers in the house
• Clean or repaint the front door
• Make sure house numbers are visible
• Remove wallpaper
• Leave a box of baking soda in the refrigerator
• Remove any odors from pets, cooking, tobacco, oil and gas
• Remove strong political or religious statements and most of your family photos
• Install new knobs and hardware on kitchen and bathroom cabinets if needed
• Have carpets stretched where it is bubbling up
• Paint rooms neutral colors
• Re-caulk around sinks, tubs and toilets
• Remove small kitchen appliances from counters
• In bathrooms, remove all personal items
• Replace old shower curtains, towels and towel racks
• Fix dripping faucets
• Fix toilets that do not flush completely or run continuously
• Replace bent window screens
• Clean light fixtures
• Dust fans
• Make sure there are no signs of pests in the attic, basement or garage
• Make sure all lights are working
• Clean and organize laundry areas
• Clean garage oil stains
• Secure jewelry, medications, cash and other valuables before showings
• Leave while your house is being shown

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